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The benefits of holiday renting

Letting your property to holiday tourists all year long on Tenerife instead of lending it long-therm to residents has many advantages. Like one of them: profitability.

What makes holiday renting really attractive is the presence of a person you can rely on. While you´re making profit, you can set your own preferences and be informed around the clock of the state of your property and the monthly coverage of it. 

Proper holiday renting can take a lot of responsibility out your hands. With letting your property to tourists you are getting a proper property management as well. 

Knowing that your house is being supervised and being taken care of regularly, saves you hours of work, time and headaches.

We are talking about holiday renting over standard rental agreements.

In terms of profitability, there is no comparison between holiday rentals and traditional rentals. 
Another significant advantage is flexibility: letting your property to tourists also means that you have the possibility of gaining access to your home more easily since you don't have a long-term agreement with the tenants.

If you consider renting your property to tourists and travellers, you probably can recognise yourself in the following statements:

You have a vacation home you only use once or twice a year.

You have a second home you wish to let out year-round, only during the holiday season or outside of when you are using it yourself.

You own a house, an apartment or a villa you are selling and wish to let it out while waiting for it to sell.

You own a property you have no time to maintain or manage.

Holiday property management with better results.

Better revenue

Holiday renting management is a service that delivers results. The more coverage a property receives, the more profit it generates.

Better evaluation

The content of the property is being valued a lot more efficiently, since every additional decor, device or feature raises the standard of the accommodation.

Better maintenance

Maintenance is much more important. The online presentation a property receives requires proper maintenance, regular check ups and upgrades, which promises more coverage.

A reliable partnership

A holiday rental management company bounds to build the best image of your property, advertise it effectively find new guests all year round, organise cleaning and replacement between each reservations, meet and greet the guests and also strives to obtain regular guests.

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